Friday, May 09, 2008

Its a waiting game......

Its busy as usual here at CM HQ. Although there hasnt been anything new this week (or last week?) there are new things in the pipeline for sure!

I have just finished working on a print for a tote bag and am trying to find a printer that I am happy with to print it for me. I am quite excited about it. I havent done any prints for a long time and I thought it was about time I did! its pretty cool actually as I have engineered the print so you can cut it in half to make purses too. So I will keep you updated about that one.

The thing I am really most excited about is a super cute fabric that is chugging its way over here as we speak. I'm going to tell you all about that when it gets here. I am very excited!! It should be here next week. Lets just say, very soon there will be new bags and purses for you....

No wait, I almost forgot. There is something new I need to tell you about. I have managed to source some very cute 1970's necklaces with a very cute little girl and kitten. I will try to get them in the shop later. This is the first vintage item we have ever had, and the first item thats not hand made. Hope you like them. They are brand new and 36 years old all at the same time!

Thats it for now!

Anna, CM x

UPDATE: I have just added some very cute new brooches! Check them out HERE


Ria, london said...

cant wait to see the new fabric. all your fabrics are so cool :) I have a fab flowers tote and use it every day......Ria

Camilla said...

Hey Anna (and your dirty gnomes) I'm not sure if I emailed you my Q+A, but if you have a chance to fill it in that would be great. It's on my blog too. xx

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