Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Friends (and perhaps family) reunited!

Almost exactly a year ago I posted this POST

My wonderful little office buddies J.T & Pedro made by the super cool Rosie went missing when Custom Made moved offices. I am not kidding I have been through every box, bag, file etc since then.

They were lost.

Then on Saturday night Anthony found them in a box of books sandwiched between them (I looked in that box twice already!) There they were! Horray! So for nearly a year poor little Alberto (dont you think him and Pedro might be related?) the newest Bobby Dazzler office buddy lived alone. Now he is happily hanging out with the rest of the clan. I think I heard them partying welll into the night on Saturday (good for them)
So here is a pic of the newly reunited buddies......
If you want some great little Bobby Dazzler friends go and see my market buddies Rosie and Fumi HERE or go to Rosies site HERE

PS- I do also have real friends (not made of fabric)

Anna, CM

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