Saturday, March 29, 2008

Vintage Flower Necklace.....

I had a sudden burst of inspiration yesterday when I was making stock (necklaces)
I Have wanted to put these lovely vintage flowers on a necklace for ages but nothing had come to me. Anyway as I said I had a burst of inspiration yesterday and made the Vintage Flower Necklace. Its not up ont he website yet, but will be shortly.
Its an 18" sterling silver chain with a very cute sterling silver heart, the vintage flower and my fave pink button. There is also another of the little silver hearts on the clasp. A cute touch :)
So look out for this one very soon and you can always team it up with the Vintage Flower Ring or the Vintage Flower Studs.

Have a great weekend people!

Anna, CM x
Oh and if you are going to make a visit, I will have some of these necklaces at Sunday Up Market this weekend....

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