Monday, March 10, 2008

Its Monday again.......

Wow! The week whizzes by so quickly! Its back nose to the grindstone this week. I have two orders for shops to do this week amongst all the other weekly things I have to do. It never ends!

We have a new stockist in Tynemouth called GAF, 70 Front Street, Tynemouth, Tyne & Wear NE30 4BP
A package of CM goodies went their way last week so go and check them out.

Ive had a massive sort out in the office over the weekend. I moved into this office last May and havent really done anything since. I got rid of a lot of lots of crap and put shelves up that had been leant against the wall for 9 months! There is also the addition of a new fabric store devised by Anthony and well the space in here has doubled. Its a very big room I discovered after clearing up! There is still lots to do and I will never be in the position to post beautiful pictures on flickr of the place :) If only......

I have also made some new earrings and a very pretty necklace on Saturday but havent had a chance to photograph them yet. I will try to do it today and post them in the SHOP

Thats it for now! I have downloaded the new This American Life Podcast and have the Juno soundtrack to listen to today. They should keep me happy!

Anna, CM x

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