Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mothers Day.....

I bought this lovely print for my Mum for Mothers Day. Its from the bestest online shop Hannah Zakari and its by Ashley G

Its very apt for me and her for obvious reasons and when I saw it I had to buy it!

When I was little we used to have this big print on the wall in our house and we used to turn it upside down to see how long it was before Mum noticed. There is something about this print that reminds me of that print. I think this one will stay the right way up these days as me and my two brothers no longer live/wreak havoc in M&P's house.

I'm sure she will love it!

Anna, CM x


Caroline said...

this is soooooo cute love it! Defo goign to check out Ashley G :)

Anonymous said...

love this print! fab:)

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