Monday, February 04, 2008

I have to have one!

Well, the weekend is over and we have another week ahead. I have a couple of orders I need to do today and fabric to order and just you know, worky things. One of the things I really have to do today is order one of these little fellas! How cute is this rabbit.
UPDATE: just placed the order.
I first spotted them on Schmancy Toys and fell in love! We have just bought an amazingly cool 60's sideboard for £25 from a charity shop for our house and I am looking for things to stand on top. My lovely little Lapin will be up there for sure.

Anna, CM x


Rachael said...

Where did you get the rabbit? Schmancy toys? Isnt that in the US?

Anna said...

Hi Rachael,
I got my rabbit straing form the person who designed them Mr. Clement.

Anonymous said...

cute scarf! <3

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