Monday, January 21, 2008

Lovely Flickr people.......

I love Flickr.....its such a good place to see peoples work and their lovely workspaces. Workspaces are kind of an obsession of mine since I work in a room with a concrete floor and furniture "borrowed" from a lab. That description makes my office sound cool. Its really not. It will be one day if I can stop work long enough to paint and put something on the floor. Anyway I am digressing.
One of my newest Flickr contacts is Linzie Hunter. Linzie is an illustrator and there is a series of her Spam One-liners on her flickr page. They are so funny and really made me smile when I read them. So check them out HERE
And Linzie- thank you for finding me on Flickr and making me laugh!

Anna, Custom Made


Jess said...

this made me laugh too!

Anonymous said...

love it <3

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