Thursday, September 27, 2007

Talking of book projects.....

While I was in Chicago for Renegage I came across this lovely book. We went to a really nice bookshop in Oak Park, I cant remember the name of it but it was a ladies name? Anyway it was the first night we were there, we had been out for food and it was the nasty drag when you get to the US from the UK where you are really tired but shouldnt go to bed as you need to try to get your body clock adjusted. We wandered into the shop at around 9.30 which really should have been around 4.30am at home.

Anyway, I was really impressed as they had newts in a tank in the shop and I hadnt seen newts for a long time. Infact I may be wrong but I think newts are pretty hard to come by in the UK now?

So anyway I saw this book and thought I really should get it. Its by Aranzi Aronzo

Since buying the book I have seen quite a few more of their books, but this one is full of little projects to make felt mascots. They are very cute although I'm not too sure about the one called kidnapper who really is a kidnapper!

I was watching a film last night so I decided to have a go at a little felt mascot. I havent done anything like this since I was little and used to make fur animals from kits. So I made the little rabbits you see above last night. I think the white one looks a bit miserable! Anyway I highly recommend it and its super easy to follow and there are lots of little cuties to make. I think the little rabbits will be part of a little project for a friend......
Anna, Custom Made


JT said...

super cute :P love the rabbits

Lara said...

thats book is tooo cute! Not sure about the kidnapper either!

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