Friday, June 15, 2007

Magic Mushroom Purse in Red!!

Hi Hi Hi!

We now have the Magic Mushroom Purse with red mushrooms too now, so you can choose between red and green!
Oh, and the Lil Matroyshka Purse is currently out of stock in turq/blue/cream BUT this is a very temporary thing- they will be back in stock very soon!

Anna, Custom Made

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Kate Hendrick said...

I first come across your stall when I vistied your market stall around brick lane area. I LOVE IT! Bought a bag, and its still in great condition.
I know love your purses. Have just recently bought one as part of my friends birthday pressie.... The quality is brill, love the bright colours and the layout of your webpage is so cute and esy to use!

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