Thursday, April 26, 2007

Workspace Envy.....

Look at this lovely picture of a beautiful workspace from this lovely blog HERE My workspace looks nothing like this.........
Dont get me wrong, I try. I have lovely shelves where all my threads and trimmings and buttons and things are all supposed to be stacked in neat boxes and bins where all my fabric is supposed to go but some how its always a mess. I dont think its the mess thats the problem though. Even if the beautiful space you see in the picture was a mess it would still look, well, cool. My workspace does not! I have an ugly ironing board (which the people who used to own our house left behind) flaking floorboards that give me splinters in my feet. A £2 Ikea bathmat on the floor under my desk which stops me from gettign splinters while sat in front of the computer and mess everywhere. Dont get me wrong the mess is neatly stacked and doesnt hinder me from my work but its still mess that stops my workspace being nice. Now thats not to say I'm not proud of the work that comes out of my workspace or workshop as I like to call it oh no......I love the work that comes out of my workshop. You can have a look at it HERE
We are moving house in a months time. My new workshop is an amazing room downstairs with doors that open out into the garden. Surely this is my opportunity right?
Anna, Custom Made

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