Friday, April 13, 2007

At last some super cute Japanese Prints!

I have been looking for some cute little Japanese prints for ages. Ever since I went to Japan actually a couple of years ago and didnt have the sense to buy some fabric while I was there!!! I was too busy buying little figures and trinkets in Tokyo Hands!! Well I found some and I have made some very cute things with them (If I may say so myself!) Here they are above.......
I am obsessed with making these little brooches. It all started with the Fab Flowers brooches which I love making cos they are all different and when you make them you never actually know what they will look like until you pop them out of the little press! So I have made some more with little girls and boys and birdies and owls and things. I have also made the Magic Mushroom Purse. I am in love with this little fella and the blushing apple badge fits right in with the print ahhhhh!
Anna, Custom Made xx

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Anonymous said...

The mushroom purse is fab xxx

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