Monday, March 12, 2007

Stripey Stripey!

Hi! Well today has been a purse day.....
I have been making purses like a crazy woman. I'm stocking up today cos people are buying purses purses purses!
Anyway, enough of the purse chat. Check out the new Ipod socks! They are stripey little fellas and each one comes with a blushing apple or a cheeky heart. Awwww cute! Click HERE to buy buy buy!!
On a more Mystic Meg note, I was reading my stars with my Mum on Saturday and they said I was going to have a brush with fame! Well a couple of things have happened that mean my stars might come true......
More about that if these things happen!

Anna, Custom Made


LJ said...

love the ipod socks they are so cute!

Sarah said...

Hi there,
Are these available for the Nano?


AB said...

Hi Sarah!
thanks for your message. At the moment the ipod socks are only available for the large Ipod. I iwll keep you all posted on the avaialability for the nano.


sarah said...

thanks Anna!
I will just have to get a big ipod then! They are tooooooo cute!

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