Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Some good old fashioned hinting goes a long way!

Hi there!

A gal who visited Custom Made at Sunday Up Market last week inspired me to send this post out.

She took a shine to the ‘I Heart Apples’ necklaces neatly laid out on the stall. She was, now this is a very important part of the story, with her boyfriend. Now I witness quite a lot of hinting on Sundays and let me tell you, subtle hinting just does not work with men. I get lots of gals visit me at the market with boyfriends in tow and simply stating that you like something just doesn’t work! If you are going to do some hinting you have got to go for a more direct approach than that, which is what this clever lady did………
As a result she will be sporting an ‘I Heart Apples’ necklace on Valentines day and said boyfriend is not going to have to panic buy flowers from the local garage.

So there you go, ladies get to work and do some good direct hinting and everyone will be happy!



lucy said...

Im gonna try that!
Lucy xoxo

Anonymous said...

A little bit of hinting goes a long way!

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