Thursday, February 01, 2007

Its Think Pink Friday!

Hello! Its our turn here at Custom Made to introduce you to a very special guest! The lovely Lisa Clark is currently whirling round in cyberland leaving a trail of pink glitter behind her on a virtual tour to tell everyone about her new book Think Pink.

Lisa emailed me a couple of weeks ago to ask if she could interview me for her super pretty and very pink webzine Pink World
I was of course hugely flattered and the article was super cool, so when she asked if I would play host for the day on her virtual book tour I was more than willing!
Now let me tell you, Lisa is a super talented lady, I have read Think Pink and its just brilliant. Anyway enough of my rambling, lets see what Lisa has to say!
So, who is Lisa Clark exactly?
I'm a teen queen extraordinare! I'm an author and journo-girl who writes bravado-boosting features for teen titles both here and in the US. I’m a teen life coach delivering girl-specific body-image, self-esteem workshops in schools and youth groups across the country and I’m an agony aunt for Mizz magazine answering girls problems on a fortnightly basis.
See, told you I knew about girls!

What is Think Pink?
Think Pink is a revolution, a PINK revolution!
Forget Girl Power, It’s all about Think Pink.

Think Pink is an attitude, a positive mental attitude that sends a shout-out-loud message to the world that you’re a feisty, fun, fearless and fabulous – now, what could be cooler than that?

Who’s heading up this revolution?
Hipster heroine, Lola Love.
Lola’s got it going on! With her pink hair, sassy ‘tude and ability to make brave and original fashion decisions, she positively embraces her quirks and is a positive role model for any girl who dares to be different.

Except it didn’t always used to be that way.

Lola’s life was sucky. Her hair would never do what It should, her best friend and only friend for that matter, Angel, went to a super-swanky boarding school which meant she had a lot of alone time, her parents argued, a lot and were not one bit supportive of any ambitions or plans that Lola had for the future, life was not sweet.

That was pre-Think Pink.

Post Think Pink, well life through pink-tinted shades is officially sweet as sugar! Lola is now a happy, self-fulfilling, positivity magnet with a kooky clique of cool friends, the pink ladies – Bella, Sadie and Angel.

Tell us about Think Pink the book…
Think Pink is the essential go-for-it guide for tweens and teens, packed full of Lola’s advice on everything from how to feel great about your body and your personality to keeping your friendships fun and the boy-types in their rightful place. With her upbeat, kick-ass advice she shows readers how to banish miserably monotone thoughts of chubby tummies and bad hair and how toinstead add a huge amount of glitter and sparkle to their lives to become the star shine girls they are destined to be!

What is the main thing that you hope girls will gain from Think Pink?
I hope girls will realise that they are not alone in feeling the way I did when I was at school, like a great big freak! Also that "normal" is not what they see on TV or in the magazine. Being true to yourself, and to your friends, is way more important that being part of the ‘cool’ crowd.

Is there a website?
There is! It’s
When I set up the online zine I knew that while being a girl in the world does, and absolutely should, include shopping, boys and make-up, it’s about much more than that, which is why I created a monthly Think Pink fix in the form of an online zine. The site is updated monthly with Lola interviewing inspiring women like author Cathy Cassidy and DJ Lauren Laverne, girls doing amazing things like Olympic snowboarder, Laura Berry alongside bite-size features like how to be a ‘Go-For-It girl’ and our hugely successful Pink World book club.

The site has over 8,000 subscribing Pink Ladies across the globe, in places as far off as India, the USA, Japan and Australia, and from their feedback what they dig most about the site is how it provides a new way of looking at their lives, encourages self-confidence, positive thinking, a can-do attitude, belief in themselves and the chance to be constantly inspired – let’s face it, who wouldn’t want that?

What’s next?
Besides spreading a whole lot of pink glitter sparkles in a quest for a more sparkly-gorgeous world of pink fabulousness?
Well, hot on the heels of Think Pink, the next book, Beauty*licious is out in March 2007, and Lola and the pink ladies will provide everything you need to feel, think and look great without resorting to fad diets or unhealthy regimes, it’s really rather gorgeous, even if I say so myself. I’m planning on running Think Pink workshops across the country to meet as many Pink Ladies as possible and long term, I want to host a kick-ass Think Pink summer camp. Yes really. We all know about the summer camps like what those crazy cool Americans have where they learn how to swim and make sparkly things and play Thundercats on the recorder, right?

Well, I want Think Pink summer camp for girls - bringing the books to life with book clubs, rock-girl guitar lessons, makeup seminars, expression sessions…In fact, I’m off to start planning it right now!
So there you go! I told you she was super talented. Lisa, thank you so much for your visit. Lisa's next stop on her tour will be Heidi Seeker on Monday 5th Feb! Check her out there!
Anna, Custom Made


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
The book sounds fantastic, Lisa does sound like a talented lady. Love the title.
Lou xx

Jasmine said...

I love the article......very cool. The book sounds great xoxox
Jasmine xx

Anonymous said...

A truly inspiring article- thank you!

Sam said...

Where is the book available from?
Sam xx

Sarah said...

Book me onto the summer camp right now! Im 26 is that OK!!!

Michelle M said...

thank you for the great article. a true inspiration for everyone!

Caroline said...

Loved the article, I'm gonna take a look at Pink World right now!

Anonymous said...

Pink rules!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Aww shux - how lovely are y'all?
Sam, The book is in all Waterstones or on and Sarah, you most deffo can come on the summer camps!

Lisa x

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