Monday, August 14, 2006

Go and check me out on Indie Quarter!

Hello there!

Well July has been pretty busy and August is looking pretty much the same. We have some lovely new stuff ready to go up onto the website very soon. I think you are going to like the new leather purses that haven’t even got a name yet! Also coming too are the Custom Made Crafty Kits! I will tell you more about those later. It’s all going on!

You should also check out “a day in the life of…..” on the Indie Quarter website, cos guess who it features…! You can see what I get up to every day by clicking this link
Indie quarter is a great site; you should check it out regularly as in the blog there are lots of features about Indie Designers, their wares and how to buy them.
SUPPORT YOUR INDIE DESIGNERS!! (it’s better than going to Primark!)

That’s about it for today, go and check me out!

Anna, Custom Made


Lucy said...

Hey! I like the article- very funny
Lucy xx

Jane_S said...

Hi there,

I love the article and your site is great. Keep up the good work!!


Anonymous said...

Great article. I think it would make people realise that doing what you do really is hard work- but also very rewarding!
Keep it up!
Sarah P xx

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